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Who We Are

Vester Capital Management is a Hedge Fund founded and headquartered in Nigeria. The firm is overseen by Ken Sylvester, who is Chief Investment Officer. With a plethora of highly experienced analysts and managers, Vester Capital boasts an in-depth knowledge of the financial markets and other investment fields.

Our Vision

At Vester Capital Management, we seek to revolutionize Nigeria’s hedge fund and capital management industry, with an entirely different approach, to maximize liquidity and optimize performance.



At Vester Capital, we analyze and trade specific currencies and currency pairs. Our currency strategy is simple yet very effective.


Our securities trading strategy sounds rather basic yet so intricately executed by some of the very best, as we seek to buy undervalued securities and watch out for the over-valued too. 


We seek to buy well-researched promising crypto projects at the right price either for short-term or long-term hold. We may also short-sell on a futures contract if we find it potentially profitable.


We employ some of the best analysts who understand the synthetic market and consistently look to invest at the right price.

Private Equity

We actively look out for young and healthy companies that meet our investment standards and acquire equity and shares for short and mid-term hold.


Our Arbitrage department is always on the lookout for discrepancies in the pricing of various assets from different sellers and looks to take advantage of this.

Media Buying

We have a team of highly experienced publishing and advertising professionals who buy and resell traffic for profit. This helps in diversifying our portfolio beyond the Financial markets.

Real Estate

We look for undervalued real estate properties and invest in them for the long term. We also build rental properties in prime areas for passive profit.

Minimum Investment

The Minimum Investment acceptable by the firm is $3,000


Speak with one of the firm’s investment professionals for advice and clarity on any potential investment. 

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No.44 Ekpanya Street, Uyo. Akwa Ibom State.

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+234 913 584 3668


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